Something About Windows 7?

A Windows 7 64 bit download

windows 7 pro

may be the viable replacement for those who didn’t like Windows Vista. That was because Vista had a lot of incompatibilities, speed issues and certain things that make it too inferior to XP. Well, Windows 7 has become the next step. Windows 7 has become available for a number of years now and we can safely say it is on par, or even better than Windows XP.

What makes Windows 7 so good? There are many things that contribute to its greatness, but essentially, you can think of it as an improvement over Vista and an upward evolution of XP.

The first thing you should know is that Windows 7 is very easy to use. It has a much simpler UI and it’s easy to navigate and do different things than when you were using the OS’s the preceded it. For instance there is Aero Peek, this allows people to view desktop contents by making open windows transparent. The Aero Shake allows you to take an active window – and as you shake the mouse, the other panes become minimized so that you can zero in on the window you were working on. There’s the Aero Snap that allows you to resize windows so that you can work on two windows simultaneously.

Microsoft Windows 7, furthermore has a new taskbar that greatly decreases clutter so you can pick and choose which icons you will be working with. You can point to certain icons so that you can view their thumbnails. The Win 7 UI is very simple. Things are presented in ways that they are not intrusive to look at. Jump lists for different apps are available just as you right click certain programs. You can pull up recently opened files as well – and this saves time.

Third, Windows 7 is very secure so you don’t have to play the part of being too paranoid. Win 7 does not have Vista’s pop-ups – instead you can control how many prompts you receive and you won’t have to put up with a lot of alert messages. Internet Explorer 8 is a very secure browser and helps protect you against external threats.

Finally, Win 7 makes it very easy for you to organize files, arrange your photos, video and music files on specific locations no matter where you’ve saved them. This makes them easy to pull up and everything you need for work will be available at just the click of a mouse. Start using your Windows 7 64 bit download today and make your work more exciting!


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